Hockey in St. Louis, MO might not be as big as baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals, but the St. Louis Blues still have quite the following. I used to not pay as much attention to hockey when I was younger because I lived in what is considered ‘the south.’ I grew up in Kentucky, right near the border of Missouri. We didn’t have a hockey team or any professional sports team for that matter, but everyone was a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

I didn’t pay much attention to hockey until I was a young adult and had actually moved from Kentucky even further south. I met a friend online who lived in Minnesota¬†and was all about hockey. His team of course was the Minnesota Wild, and they are known for having a team on the rise. The St. Louis Blues aren’t known for much, but Missouri still makes the cutoff for being a northern state. So hockey is still popular. I just wouldn’t be surprised if many people living in St. Louis actually liked a different hockey team.

The St. Louis Blues do have a pretty good record this year, however, at 43-22 as I’m writing this. Hockey is such a difficult game for those teams that aren’t used to being the winner though. So much goes into making just one goal, and if you don’t have the best team on the ice, you’re likely going to lose.

The Blues became a team in 1967, so they have been around for quite some time. In fact, while I was not born yet, I am familiar with 1967 as being a year that the Cardinals won the World Series. You can imagine that was a great year in St. Louis, MO.